PRIMARY SCHOOL (Year 1 to Year 6 (5years - 11years))

We run a broad-based curriculum. This is a product of detailed research into the various curricular, notably the Nigerian and British. The Key Stages build on the solid foundation laid in the Early Years. The children grow from strength to strength – physically, socially, mentally (LK 2:25).

Our children’s high level of boldness is made manifest in their ability to work independently, proving that excellence is achievable through hard work. E-teaching as a method has helped us develop in the children, a work habit that does not leave discovery for the teacher alone.

Our worldview is ingrained in our curriculum: our commitment to making our children effective global citizens. To fit into this by picture, the general package is carefully planned with emphasis on Literacy, Numeracy, Science, ICT, and Christian Education garnished with all the components that make the complete package. The experiences in all the subject areas are such that the children learn to take responsibility for their learning.

At all the levels, they are made to take an active part in practicals. Every other skill that makes a complete child is also acquired through the other subjects that make up the curriculum – Music, Home Science, Library Studies, Christian Religious Studies, Geography, History, Physical and Health Education, Reasoning (Verbal, Quantitative, non-verbal) Social Studies, Civic/Citizenship Education, Agricultural Science, Foreign/Nigerian Languages.

Our system gives our parents the opportunity to be a part of the upbringing of our pupils. We are in partnership with our dear parents who have also come to understand the fact that behind every success is passion. Reinforcement/follow-up at home by parents who share the same view as the school has given our pupils the edge they have. Communication between the school and the home has also been an effective tool.


Let your Child take the Lead in Learning and in Life!

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