From the Desk of the VP Academics

MR ADEGOKE AYANSOLA {The Vice Principal Academics}

We are a Christian School and our philosophy revolves around building God fearing and responsible individuals, who excel in all that they do. We emphasise good morals, self discipline, academic excellence, and education for the future with Christian values. Ours is an Integrated curriculum that has a blend of the Nigerian curriculum, the British curriculum and the American/Canadian curricula. This gives students the opportunity to transit to colleges in Nigeria, the UK, the US and Canada. We have a partnership with the Canadian Independent College (CIC), Ontario Canada, for smooth transition of students to Colleges and Universities in Canada or the US and the UK. At LFIS, EVERY CHILD MATTERS. Each child is treated with respect and as an individual who can achieve at his/her own pace. The teacher/pupil ratio is 1:4, while the number of students per class is 10 or less. We have an education support department that does the Individual Education Plan (IEP) for each child, supports those Students with Educational Needs (SEN) and extends the learning of Gifted and Talented (G&T) students. Our curriculum incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and E-Learning. Every child must have a notebook (computer) as a tool for meaningful learning. All classrooms are conducive for the 21st century learning, equipped with an Interactive White Board (IWB) and other e-learning resources. Our products and services are of International standards, and our students will be well equipped to become global citizens and world players. We emphasise self-esteem, self-confidence and self-discipline, and that's the reason our students are effective self-managers. Assessments at LFIS are done by self, peer, group, and the teacher. We deploy AI in tracking and monitoring the progress of all students throughout their stay at LFIS, considering their individual needs as contained in their IEP. We do diagnostic tests to determine areas of strength and needs for each student, which predicts grades, interests, and possible future careers. Our students are exposed to the Cambridge Checkpoint exam, NECO, and BECE at JS3, while SS3 students are prepared for and expected to write IGCSE, WASSCE, NECO, and UME. We lay emphasis on the teaching and learning of thinking skills, time-management skills, leadership skills, organizational skills, behavioural skills, Health and safety management in school. We also give ‘after school support services' according to students' needs. After-school enrichment activities are designed for students to support their learning of the academic curriculum. Every child at LFIS will be trained in a vocation as a practical form of education and to equip them for the future. Vocations available to students include tailoring, barbing, bead making, gardening, interior design and decoration, homemaking, robotics, artwork, music, drama, sports, and design technology. Our school is a "NO BULLYING ZONE", as the dignity of individuals is respected and preserved as contained in our behavioural policy. We offer "EXCELLENT PASTORAL CARE" to all students, and our duty of care is at par with the international practice. Our members of staff are well qualified, well trained, and highly experienced in delivering that special care that your children deserve. Their pedagogy is of 21st-century education and they are masters in their subjects. All teachers can apply Artificial intelligence (AI) and ICT in teaching. Our products and services, which are of international standards, come to parents at an affordable fee. We want to assure you that LFIS High is a happy home to all students, as we look forward to partnering with you on your child’s education.

Warm regards,

Adegoke Ayansola
LFIS Vice-Principal (Acad)